A Fox making of : Six Layered Sandwich!

A video went viral of a fox eating a sandwich in Chernobyl has become more than one million hits in the most recent 24 hours on YouTube and somewhere else.

After the calamitous 1986 mishap at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, the administration made a 1,000-square-mile (2,600-square-kilometer) rejection zone, a region of high radiation where general society is not permitted.

Be that as it may, the creatures didn’t get the update—the territory has following ended up home to a wide assortment of natural life, including the red fox (vulpes).

A six-decker sandwich may likewise appear like a gigantic measure of nourishment notwithstanding for a human, however Sacks brings up that foxes have altogether different eating designs than us.

In the winter, a fox may rummage sustenance from a dead creature, eating an enormous sum one day and afterward going for quite a long time without eating anything.

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