Verizon’s update for Samsung’s Galaxy S7 contains an (un)wanted surprise!

Verizon Wireless’ most recent over-the-air overhaul for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge incorporates a possibly undesirable amazement. The overhaul incorporates the standard discoveries – like bug fixes and highlight improvements – additionally includes another application called DT Ignite.

Since DT Ignite keeps running out of sight, there’s a decent risk you’d never see it. It’s an application that can be utilized via transporters to introduce different applications, the like of “My Verizon Wireless.”

As noted in 9to5Google’s unique report, a 2014 Droid Life story revealed that in the event that you reboot your gadget, DT Ignite can reinstall any bearer applications you erased.

A Verizon Wireless delegate affirmed that DT Ignite was incorporated into the most recent upgrade, yet S7 proprietors won’t see arbitrary applications introduced on their gadget – in any event not immediately. Rather, DT Ignite will just introduce applications amid starting gadget setup, or after a manufacturing plant reset.

Verizon did not quickly say which applications would be introduced by then, yet said that any applications introduced by DT Ignite can be uninstalled.

On the off chance that you’d rather not have DT Ignite running out of sight, here’s the manner by which you can impair it:

Go to Settings then Applications > Application Manager. Then tap on More > Show system apps. A full list of apps currently installed on your device will then populate in alphabetical order. Scroll down then select DT Ignite, then tap on Disable.

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